Sync Install Instructions

Login to the cloud site for your organization, and click the version for your computer (Windows/Mac) from the right panel and follow the steps listed below.

Windows Installation

- Double click on the "StatCrewSync_Installer_WIN.jar" file to start installation.

- Once complete, you can run the application using the desktop shortcut or from the Start Menu programs.

Windows Alert!
There is a known issue on some Windows computers, where for some reason, the computer won't allow the default install location in the \Program Files folder.
If you receive a message "The directory cannot be written! Please choose another directory", then, please
choose a different folder when the install wizard prompts for the install location, (for example another folder in \documents, or you can create a folder if you want). The install wizard should then complete.

MacBook Installation

Double click on the "StatCrewSync_Installer_MAC.dmg".

Follow install wizard prompts to install the software and create shortcuts.

Run the application from your Applications folder, or from Launchpad.

Please contact Stat Crew support in the office if you need further assistance.