Stat Crew 2.0 Release Notes 2015-16

Stat Crew Next Generation 3.53 (3/28/16)

  • Fix problems with editing players in the roster dialog
  • Improve compatibility of pack files in lacrosse

Stat Crew Next Generation 3.52 (3/3/16)

  • Fix various live scoring lacrosse bugs

Stat Crew Next Generation 3.51 (2/17/16)

  • Fix lacrosse linescore and pack export

Stat Crew Next Generation 3.50 (1/28/16)

  • Season XML export for all sports in Advanced Reporting Tool
  • You may now import selected games from the cloud
  • Team/roster maintenance dialog fixes
  • A variety of lacrosse fixes

Stat Crew Next Generation 3.48 (1/7/16)

  • Importing some games would show an error
  • Automatic name matching when importing games
  • Various basketball report fixes

Stat Crew Next Generation 3.47 (12/16/15)

  • XML for mass substitutions is more compatible
  • Conference report export includes team links
  • Pack file export fixes
  • Scoreboard output fixes

Stat Crew Next Generation 3.45 (12/3/15)

  • Pack files will work correctly for double overtime games in games with 4 quarters
  • PxP report would be blank when second half only was selected

Stat Crew Next Generation 3.44 (11/16/15)

  • Add selected quarter for boxscore and PxP reports

Stat Crew Next Generation 3.43 (11/4/15)

  • Add rules tab to basketball game properties dialog for non-NCAA rule games.
  • Fix basketball XML in 4 quarters games.
  • Fix basketball game reports breakout by half in 4 quarters games.
  • Fouls are counted correctly on basketball scoreboard.

Stat Crew Next Generation 3.40 (10/14/15)

  • Volleyball packed file export. For complete game stats, load and save in (V) In game scoring
  • Volleyball will accept result when a single uniform is input without Entering first
  • Corner kicks and offsides could be incorrect in reports with team totals
  • Add link to confonly.html in conference report export

Stat Crew Next Generation 3.38 (10/2/15)

  • GameTracker showing scoreboard time rather than elapsed time
  • Added confonly export for lacrosse, soccer and volleyball
  • Add sort options for soccer conference standings report
  • Fix volleyball conference individual and team leaders reports
  • Add volleyball results report
  • Pack export fixes

Stat Crew Next Generation 3.37 (9/24/15)

  • Soccer player minute calculation fix
  • Move mark as complete to game properties dialog
  • Volleyball attacks resulting in an error will not show as a play error

Stat Crew Next Generation 3.36 (9/21/15)

  • Sets played in volleyball is now calculated correctly
  • Volleyball season reports not would not open; Season database reset required!
  • Conference report minimums settings
  • Field hockey conference report have correct GAA calculation
  • Soccer games have 2 asst referees in officials tab under properties

Stat Crew Next Generation 3.35 (9/13/15)

  • Incorrect clock times shown in previous periods in soccer
  • Penalty kick fixes and added result codes in soccer

Stat Crew Next Generation 3.34 (9/9/15)

  • GameTracker showing in progress games as final
  • Football conference reports
  • Volleyball stat adjustment input
  • Volleyball conference and combined report fixes
  • Setting a libero in starters dialog works correctly in volleyball

Stat Crew Next Generation 3.32 (7/30/15)

  • General fixes and improvements for volleyball
  • Conference reports for volleyball
  • Automatic insertion of end period plays has been disabled in basketball
  • Correct clock in GameTracker when using scoreboard time in soccer and lacrosse
  • Football games imported in 3.31 would sometimes display no players stats(reimport to correct)

Stat Crew Next Generation 3.31 (7/21/15)

  • Volleyball beta
  • Soccer fixes and improvements
  • 4 quarters scoring for upcoming women’s basketball season

Stat Crew Next Generation 3.28 (6/28/15)

  • Football beta
  • Soccer player minute calculation fix

Stat Crew Next Generation 3.26 (5/29/15)

** Lacrosse ** * Turnovers switch possession indicator * Players are marked as participating if they are credited with stats * Fix box score headers * Fix short box turnovers * Fix pack file exports * Fix category leaders reports * Clock time in XML is correct in scoreboard time mode * Career stats import from the cloud

Stat Crew Next Generation 3.24 (5/11/15)

  • Various lacrosse improvements

Stat Crew Next Generation 3.23 (5/1/15)

  • F4 key will display the box score report when live scoring

Stat Crew Next Generation 3.22 (4/24/15)

  • Added page scaling to html export as well as general improvements to the output
  • Team and roster maintenance dialog allows deleting of cloud teams

Stat Crew Next Generation 3.20 (4/9/15)

  • Basketball box report fixes
  • Lacrosse beta
  • Add categories and show/hide players with no stats in advanced reporting tool
  • General performance improvements

Stat Crew Next Generation 3.14 (2/20/15)

  • +/- minute fixes
  • F5 will add an "End Period" play in basketball

Stat Crew Next Generation 3.12 (2/18/15)

  • Clock timer could become stuck when starting the 2nd half

Stat Crew Next Generation 3.11 (2/16/15)

  • Player minutes would not balance correctly
  • Box score report would be blank in Gamebook
  • "Home on the Left" option was not working correctly

Stat Crew Next Generation 3.09 (2/12/15)

  • Game list would not display correctly

Stat Crew Next Generation 3.08 (2/11/15)


  • Add missing stats to manual mode input
  • Larger fonts in box score report and small font option
  • Fix substitutions for pack file export
  • Player stats panel was blinking
  • Show number of technical fouls on box score report when greater than 1
  • Importing a completed game from XML will default the clock to 00:00 rather than 20:00
  • Exported pack files could show a rebound imbalance in the DOS period screen although stats where correct
  • Players with “+0” minutes would not be shown on box score reports when imported into legacy via pack file.
  • Conference standings report display all teams when no division is setup
  • Auto balance minutes is always on
  • Conference export not displaying in team alphabetical order


  • Fix for 3 part player names
  • An arrow is shown in the sync button while downloading records from the cloud
  • Progress bar was not updating when a report export is complete
  • Performance improvements

Stat Crew Next Generation 3.02 (12/17/14)

  • Improved keystroke entry will not miss key inputs
  • Assist, rebounds and blocks will use the same clock time as initiating shot
  • Boxscore report has a limit of 34 players per game rather than 17 per team

Stat Crew Next Generation 3.00 (12/13/14)

  • Starters and rosters where broken
  • Live scoring may still be losing keys, a fix is in the works

Stat Crew Next Generation 2.99 (12/12/14)

  • Live scoring will not lose keys during input
  • Add a asterisk to the clock when stopped

Stat Crew Next Generation 2.98 (12/10/14)

  • Fix to starting a new game team selection
  • Fix to basketball game XML officials' tag formatting
  • Improve playtree edit function to stay on selected play after edit
  • Add Basketball Season Reports | Indiv Game-by-Game option for All Players
  • Add stadium and location data to the boxscore report

Stat Crew Next Generation 2.97 (12/9/14)


  • Revise live scoring input
  • Fix to boxscore report to fit on one page
  • Add clock running indicator (green)
  • Fix to occasional random assist
  • Fix to allow assigning personal foul to TEAM
  • Fix to by-period boxscore to show team names
  • Fix to possession indicator on timeout input
  • Add options for setting divisions in conference reports
  • Fix to conference HTML export for team pages, to include just that team's games
  • Fix to home/visitor values in game XML specialty stats tag
  • Fix to include players with 0+ minutes in season box
  • Add show/flag/hide inactive player indicator

All Sports

  • Revise gamebook to remember selected reports and sort order
  • Modify import game routine to use team name/abbr. from cloud or roster maintenance for reports
  • Add functions for numeric keypad input in sub dialog (must have numlock enabled)
  • F1, F2, F6 functions for rosters, starters, subs, will now always open to the home team
  • Fix to Export function after switching sports
  • Fix to reports, hard-copy and export, to always sort on game date
  • Fix to occasional live game XML compression
  • Fix to always include in reports, players with less than minute played
  • Fix to the "Treat home as away" option, to flip home/away win/loss in record section of season reports

Stat Crew Next Generation 2.91 (11/7/14)

  • Fix for PDF export
  • Fix to F6 Substitutions when editing both home and away players
  • Fix basketball scoreboard output

Stat Crew Next Generation 2.89 (10/23/14)

  • Add option for using the gameID in game HTML export instead of UUID (gameIDs must be unique)
  • Fix to soccer packed file for soccer games with comments longer than 70 letters
  • Fix to Basketball playtree to allow switch periods
  • Fix to Basketball box score bug for incorrect team ranks when no value was set
  • Fix to duplicate players in career reports when using HTML or PDF export
  • Fix PDF export file extensions and large page sizes
  • Fix to soccer F10 to save manually edited player minutes

Stat Crew Next Generation 2.88 (10/15/14)

  • Fix to player "Unknown, unknown" added to roster during play input

Stat Crew Next Generation 2.87 (10/9/14)

  • Fix to uppercase file names when importing game XML
  • Add color codes in playtree for important soccer plays
  • Allow F7 clock edit while clock is running in all sports
  • Add playtree drag and drop for soccer
  • Fix to first period stats on some Soccer reports
  • Fix to not include goal keepers in the field stats sections of reports if they have no relevant stats
  • Fix to soccer box score to allow more players and scores on a single page
  • Add position and class to cloud and roster maintenance
  • Improvements to substitution dialog

Stat Crew Next Generation 2.84 (9/26/14)

  • Fix to 3-part player name display in reports
  • Fix to F3 add new period in basketball
  • Fix to F6 then re-set option (mass substitution)

Stat Crew Next Generation 2.83 (9/23/14)

  • Add links to game reports in HTML export
  • Improve all report layouts when exported to HTML
  • Soccer and field hockey XML compatibility improvements
  • Fix to pack file corruption when uploaded to cloud
  • Add function for forfeit for game not played
  • Improve scoring app to make scoring panel active when first opened

Stat Crew Next Generation 2.82 (9/12/14)

  • Players with a name of Null would show as unnamed in reports
  • Manual entry of goalies minutes accepts mm:ss format
  • Improved XML import from DakStats
  • Individual stats report in soccer would not display team record
  • Correct language in field hockey scoring and reports

Stat Crew Next Generation 2.80 (9/8/14)

  • GameID is now editable; Game list will show local and cloud values if different
  • Goal message or comments may include bad characters in XML output
  • Fix discrepancies between soccer and field hockey XML
  • Reports show correct goalie starts and games played and field starts and games played
  • Soccer conference report fixes
  • Soccer XML would show error if defensive save was not assigned to a particular player
  • Blocked soccer shot input no longer prompts for blocker uniform (defaults to TM)
  • On occasion dialogs would not respond to key input
  • TEAM players name maybe listed as "UNKNOWN UNKNOWN" instead of "Team"
  • General performance improvements

Stat Crew Next Generation 2.78 (8/29/14)

  • Sync all career stats from the cloud
  • Having players with uniform number 0 and 00 would show a false error
  • Many career and conference report fixes

Stat Crew Next Generation 2.77 (8/20/14)

  • Improve basketball pack file PxP compatibility
  • Add missing confonly.html to export
  • Import rank info from cloud
  • Roster dialog was too large for netbook screens
  • Show assist in goal play tree
  • Goal message XML could have strange characters
  • Fix 3 part player names in soccer
  • Fix field hockey roster export

Stat Crew Next Generation 2.76 (8/8/14)

  • Add PxP to basketball pack file
  • Improve soccer pack file PxP compatibility
  • Advanced Reporting Tool has more query options and saving of settings
  • Game list reduces clutter and provides more feedback
  • Many new report options, features and fixes
  • General client performance improvements and faster cloud update

Stat Crew Next Generation 2.71 (6/17/14)

  • Play by Play in soccer pack file export
  • Cloud sync will complete with large conference schedules and rosters
  • 30% faster game processing and loading

Stat Crew Next Generation 2.70 (6/12/14)

  • Maintenance release for soccer and basketball for upcoming seasons

Stat Crew Next Generation 2.67 (4/9/14)

  • Carer Reports: fix to apply Career minimums to all seasons totals instead of individual seasons
  • In-game scoring: add function to edit player status (active/inactive) and add new player, via roster dialog (F2)
  • In-game scoring: Fix to flip minutes/scoreboard routine in lacrosse, other editing/inputting fixes
  • Reports: Add game report preferences to lacrosse

Stat Crew Next Generation 2.66 (3/25/14)

  • In-game scoring: Enable lacrosse, men's and women's venue
  • Reports: Release local Advanced Report Tool to create custom content and export in XML or CSV
  • Career Reports: Add minimums options and fixes to Individual Season Records

Stat Crew Next Generation 2.65 (3/11/14)

  • Basketball pack files: fix to show road games as "Final" when unpacking and importing into legacy. Note: re-download games from the cloud after installing new build, in order to correct the packed files.

Stat Crew Next Generation 2.63 (2/25/14)

  • In-game scoring: Fix to clock not starting at start of new period in basketball
  • Season Reports : Fix incorrect opponent names showing in individual game by game report
  • Career Reports : Fix to stats being imported from the cloud
  • Game Reports: Adjust line spacing in basketball boxscore to accommodate more players (up to 35) on single page

Stat Crew Next Generation 2.62 (2/18/14)

  • Conference Reports : fix to cloud synchronization

Stat Crew Next Generation 2.61 (2/14/14)

  • Career Reports: add function to synchronize data from the cloud
  • In-game scoring: fix to roster duplication when importing or editing roster.

Stat Crew Next Generation 2.60 (1/30/14)

  • In-game scoring: Fix to remove checkmark for manual mode when game is in live-scoring mode.
  • Game Reports: Increase basketball box score report's font size, to improve readability.
  • Game Reports Gamebook: Add 1st- 2nd-half only box and PxP, add options to sort, remove reports.
  • Conference Reports: Fix to several reports, and export function
  • Basketball Game Reports: For complete game box, show 0+ minutes, show 40-, and for box score for one half, show 20-.

Stat Crew Next Generation 2.59 (1/15/14)

  • Game Reports: Fix to put team rank to left of team name in the boxscore
  • In-Game Scoring: Allow edit of previous period while current period clock is running.
  • Season reports: Exclude delegated games from team reports (HTML and hardcopy)
  • In-game scoring app: Fix to display incomplete games as "in progress"
  • Export HTML: fix to allow export on a game with player name in CAPS

Stat Crew Next Generation 2.58 (1/13/14)

  • Game Reports: Add option to remove page breaks from play-by-play report in HTML and hardcopy
  • Game Reports: Add option to exclude local games from batch exports
  • Game Reports: Remove images from HTML output to accommodate some server settings
  • HTML Export: Fix export failure on report export (due to lost internet connection)
  • Conference Reports: fix to only include conference players
  • Conference Reports: fix to display opponent team name in Double-double Report
  • Conference HTML: do not use all games if no conference games were in the schedule

Stat Crew Next Generation 2.56 (12/23/13)

  • Basketball in-game scoring: Fix to live XML to include Gametracker ID tag. (set Gametracker ID in local app Game->Properties->Misc->Gametracker ID)

Stat Crew Next Generation 2.54 (12/12/13)

  • HTML Export: Fix to the upper/lower case setting of file extension so it matches filename case setting.
  • Basketball Game XML: Adjust import to handle date format from dakStats XML file.
  • Basketball Game Export: Fix to "export BPK" so it will include balanced minutes

Stat Crew Next Generation 2.53 (12/09/13)

  • Basketball in-game scoring: implement "auto-balance minutes"option in playtree. Default to "enabled" for new games.
  • Basketball in-game scoring: Add option in Sports->Properties->Home On Left to control display on scoring screen.
  • Basketball in-game scoring: Fix to show "On Court" instead of "On Field" in basketball subs editor.
  • Team/Roster Maintenance: Fix to team editor function, to allow same abbreviation for two teams.
  • Basketball in-game scoring:Add warning to playtree when rebound is not marked as defensive (ex., Jumper by Visitor followed by Rebound by H instead of Rebound by D)
  • Basketball Reports: fix to Play-by-Play report to display TEAM rebound (instead of UNKNOWN)
  • Basketball Game XML: fix to show correct number of periods in a game when the game is marked as complete.

Stat Crew Next Generation 2.51 (12/02/13)

  • Team/Roster Maintenance: Prevent adding player named TEAM to local roster (default player TM TEAM is already on the roster, though hidden in roster dialog screen).
  • In-Game Scoring: Allow scoring app to open, when players with uni number only, no name are on the roster.
  • Soccer in-game scoring: Fix to assign corner kick message to correct team.
  • Basketball Game Reports: Fix to display of specialty stats in boxscore caused by long team abbreviation.
  • In-Game Scoring: Fix to Export XML function, all sports, to include play-by-play data if it exists (manual mode and in-game mode).
  • In-Game Scoring: Cosmetic improvements to selected tab display.

Stat Crew Next Generation 2.50 (11/14/13)

  • In-game Scoring: fix to total score calculation when switching between manual and live scoring mode. NOTE: to fix affected games, open the game, switch to live score mode, open a play and hit OK to recalculate totals
  • In-game Scoring: adjust mass subs/re-set in basketball to allow for more or less than 5 players, and allow edit of mass subs/re-set play in play editor.
  • Basketball In-game Scoring: Fix to bug when entering good FG with no assist.
  • Soccer Reports: add option to show/hide yellow and red cards

Stat Crew Next Generation 2.49 (11/12/13)

  • In-game Scoring: fix to app getting stuck in manual mode even if there are plays
  • In-game Scoring : fix to save NCAA code entered in Game | Properties dialog

Stat Crew Next Generation 2.48 (11/08/2013)

  • Soccer Manual entry: fix to save total score. NOTE: Run Game | Save, to fix affected games
  • Basketball Reports: add box score improvements when period is not complete
  • Basketball Team/Roster Maintenance: Improve compatibility with legacy roster files
  • Basketball In-game Scoring: Fix to bug when editing free-throws

Stat Crew Next Generation 2.47 (10/31/2013)

  • Basketball in-game scoring: Fix for player minute calculation
  • Basketball Reports: add function to use starters' position code in boxscore, if present on the roster. Otherwise, use asterisk for starters.

Stat Crew Next Generation 2.46 (10/24/2013)

  • Basketball in-game scoring: fix to use game clock in box report, instead of last play clocktime (Select Game | Save before running report)
  • Basketball in-game scoring: fix to subs routine when making first subs of the period.
  • Basketball in-game scoring, fix to highlight orphan rebound (no missed shot before the rebound)
  • Basketball game XML: Improve compatibility between legacy and NextGen game XML
  • Basketball Reports: fix game filters

Stat Crew Next Generation 2.45 (10/16/2013)

  • Basketball in-game scoring: add wrong basket input ("W" same as legacy)
  • Basketball in-game scoring: implement mass substitution (re-set in F6 Subs screen)
  • Soccer in-game scoring: Fix goal message, to assign goal message to team that scored
  • Team/Roster Maintenance: Resolve issues with 3-part player name import/export (middle names, etc)
  • Soccer reports: Show comments on box score
  • In game scoring: Prompt for roster if not already loaded, before entering starters.

Stat Crew Next Generation 2.44

  • Basketball Reports: Add gamebook functions, to select reports, sort the order, generate as PDF or HTML
  • Conference reports: fix to reports window not opening.

Stat Crew Next Generation 2.43 (9/30/2013)

  • Team/Roster Maintenance: Improve roster import dialog

Stat Crew Next Generation 2.42 (9/25/2013)

  • XML import, soccer and basketball: adjustments to import files generated from third-parties
  • Basketball In-game scoring: Add more stats to player stat display (double-click player name to preview stats)
  • Team/Roster Maintenance: Resolve issues with 3-part player name import/export (middle names, etc)
  • Season Reports: Add "Select all players" to Individual Game-by-Game and Game Highs reports

Stat Crew Next Generation 2.41 (9/14/2013)

  • Conference reports: enable for local client, soccer and basketball (Contact support to get setup)
  • Soccer in-game scoring: Add participation function (F10 to mark/unmark players)
  • Improvements in HTML and PDF generate/export
  • Reports Preferences: Fix to "As of Date" report option
  • Soccer in-game scoring: add function to allow substitutions while clock is running

Stat Crew Next Generation 2.40

* Fixes an issue with legacy games imported in 2.39
      o Reimport any games with stats that appear doubled. Contact customer support if issues still exist
* Individual game highs report will show only current season's stats
* Manual stat editing mode improvements
* Live score panel size and position saved

Stat Crew Next Generation 2.39

* Manual mode games could open in live scoring mode causing bad stats (reimport effected games)
* HTML report export will work with Netitor
* Flip F8 and F9 functions to match legacy
* Warn when clock limit is reached
* Fix game duration XML output
* Goal editing in manual mode
* Own goals where not counted in linescore section of XML export (thanks Ron)
* Add time based suspension for field hockey players receiving a yellow card

Stat Crew Next Generation 2.38

* Duplicate cloud players automatically removed
* Individual game highs report
* Corner kick flip minutes clock displays correctly
* Corner kick could get stuck during input
* Penalty kick save gets credited to team and not goalie
* Incorrect clock time input does not stop input
* Various field hockey fixes
* Improved startup time and overall performance
* Team comparison panel improvements
* Play editor improvements
* Flip minutes setting on scoreboard
* Export rosters from the team and roster maintenance dialog
* Window size is saved
* NCAA code editable when adding local team

Stat Crew Next Generation 2.37

* Export roster file from roster dialog
* Soccer: Corner kicks in second period would not accept clock changes (Thanks Ron)
* Soccer: Shots that are saved get the save credited to the current goalie instead of the team

Stat Crew Next Generation 2.36

* Duplicate players may be reset to match cloud roster in team and roster maintenance tool
* Soccer: Play by Play report not displaying and handling blank goal descriptions incorrectly (Thanks Colby)
* Soccer: Game Box Score report greatly improved

Stat Crew Next Generation 2.35

* Soccer: Improvement and validation for all game, season and career reports
* Soccer: Better clock editing especially in overtime games
* Soccer: Export play by play XML in manual mode if the data exist
* Soccer: Detect goals off corners more accurately
* Soccer: Live scoring layout refinements

Stat Crew Next Generation 2.33

* Fix season data getting reset on restart

Stat Crew Next Generation 2.32

* Cloud team names and abbreviations are editable
* Fixes for games scored last year
* Own goal fix

Stat Crew Next Generation 2.30

* Refinements to keyboard only scoring
* Fix soccer plays being displayed and calculated backwards
* Report improvements for soccer and basketball

Stat Crew Next Generation 2.27

* Manual box score editing fix

Stat Crew Next Generation 2.26

* Add "Import All" button, games do not have to be imported individually
* Add features to clock editing for faster in-game changes
* Season uploader provides more feedback and information when problems occur
* Refined interface adds space for small screens, improves usability and performance
* Refine various basketball reports.
* Faster game updates, application booting and less memory usage

Stat Crew Next Generation 2.23

This release contains various bug fixes and improvements to reports

Stat Crew Next Generation 2.18

* Automatic sync of career stats with the cloud
* Refinement and bug fixes on all reports

Stat Crew Next Generation 2.12

* HTML export
* Improvements and fixes to season import wizard
* Overtime box report improvements
* Added XML compatibility for more applications
* Improvements to all reports

Stat Crew Next Generation 2.08

* Some reports would hang on load
* Importing rosters files would default players to inactive