Season Import Wizard

The wizard is used to migrate data from past seasons in legacy software to the next gen scoring app, by importing game XML's from the legacy scoring software, one season at a time. For each imported season, you will then be able to run game, season and career reports in the next gen app.

We recommend that you start with your most recent season and work backwards to import all past seasons, or import just the last four seasons for current players' career reports.

Here are four basic steps:

1.Create the Game XML's in legacy. You must run version X.14 or higher, (this version will put the NCAA codes in the game XML). Run Game Reports | XML All Games. The XML for each game will be stored in the \reports sub-directory inside your legacy games directory. Note, if any NCAA codes for opponents are blank in your game XML's, fill them in before running the wizard (use Season Reports RPI Editor).

2. Import roster to the cloud. Go to school cloud site ( and add or import roster for your most recent complete season (.bro roster file from legacy will work for this).

3.Download the scoring app from cloud. (Dashboard link in top right corner).

4.Run the Wizard. Open the scoring app, select Game | Import Season XML, and follow the wizard to upload the game XML's just created in legacy. This will upload the games XML's to your cloud account.

Once the games are uploaded to the cloud, close the app, and then re-open, allow the schedule to display on the app. Once it displays, click the "import" button on each game to pull down the game stats from the cloud.

Now you can run reports on the data. To continue with next most recent season, go back to cloud, select Roster tab and follow prompts to add players to previous season to create roster for previous season. Then repeat steps above to import data.