TAS Lacrosse v1.14 update Feb 4, 2013

For those using Stat Crew v1.14, there is now an update available at the Stat Crew maintenance update page to accommodate face-off violations and 30-second (stall warning or timer-on) stats.

Please go to http://www.statcrew.com/downloads/

Users will need their 1.14 serial number in order to access the update. Once the update is installed, the version number will show on Game Reports Help | About as

v1.14.05 (or higher)

If your school does not have the current version, you will need to purchase an upgrade to v1.14 if you’d like to access these changes. However, please note that while we encourage those with v1.14 to access this update, it is not a mandatory update for NCAA statistical reporting at this time. Please contact support@statcrew.com if you have any questions about your version.

Here is a quick list of features that have been added:

Faceoff violations: Enter "Y" in the Violation? field to indicate the whistle call for a violation
Faceoff violations: After 3rd violation use the "P"enalty command to select the "FACE" penalty
30-second warnings: Press "W" to indicate a 30-second shot warning by the officials
30-second violations: Press "V" to indicate a turnover due to 30-second expiration called by the officials
Goal scored during 30-second warning: Enter "3" in the Goal Type field when scoring a Shot->Goal
Boxscore shows faceoff violations by period
Boxscore shows 30-second goals/warnings (violations)
Boxscore scoring summary shows "30sec" in Type column as needed
Short boxscore shows 30-second goals/warnings (violations)
Play-by-play shows f/o violations and 30-second warnings, goals, violations. 
Game HTML shows same stats as above
Read/write new stats data in Manual Entry and DOS Utilities