Legacy Cloud Connector Installation and Usage

IMPORTANT Do not use the Legacy Cloud Connector for important game functions such as sending stats to your official athletic site until you have tested it and determined that all your settings are correct and everything is working.

The Legacy Cloud Connector works with legacy Stat Crew. It copies the XML game file to the cloud on each play, and from there it allows all the same cloud functionality as a game scored in Next Generation:

  • Live FTP to multiple destinations.
  • Game Pack files are available to the opposing team right after the game through the cloud.
  • Enhanced Live HTML is available through the cloud. (Soccer is available now, with other sports to follow)


From your school web site dashboard, click the install icon for the Legacy Cloud Connector.

If you do not have Adobe Air you will be prompted to install it. Follow the instructions and allow it to install.

You will then see the following dialog:


Select "Open".

You will then see an Install dialog. Follow the instructions, and if your operating system presents additional dialogs asking if it is ok to install or access your computer select "yes".

Once installed, you may see a prompt asking you to update Adobe AIR. Select "Update Now" and follow the instructions.

Once you have installed the Cloud Connector you will be prompted to enter your account key.
Use copy and paste to copy the account key from your dashboard. It is very important that you use your school's account key.


Setting up a game in the cloud (your school web site) Games must be set up on your schedule before you can use the Legacy Cloud Connector.
Set up the game, and if you are using Live FTP also make sure the FTP file name and other parameters are correct for the game.

Note- you do not need to set the GameTracker ID in the cloud if you are using the Legacy Cloud Connector, but you must set this in the legacy Stat Crew client as you normally would. Also note - the Game ID and team ID used in legacy Stat Crew are going to be sent in the XML, not the ones entered in the cloud.

Setting up FTP in the cloud (your school web site) FTP sites must be set up for each sport. Note that men's and women's sports are treated as separate sports. If you need to use Live FTP or Live Stats for both then you must set up FTP for both men's and women's sports. This is because some FTP destinations require different information for men's sports vs. women's sports.

Setting up a game in the Legacy Cloud Connector First select a sport, then select a scheduled game from the list of available games. If you have just added a game in the cloud (web site) and it is not in your list, change the sport to another sport and back to refresh the list.

Select the XML Directory on your hard drive where you have set legacy Stat Crew to copy XML files into.

Once the XML file changes in the directory you will see the status update in the Legacy Cloud Connector. At this point you can also see the XML show up in your cloud web site.