Spring 2014 Update -- What's New at Stat Crew


Greetings from Stat Crew Software Support Team! As we all prepare for upcoming spring seasons, here is an update on what’s new with Stat Crew Software and the “next generation software” re-write project:

Release schedule
*Basketball and soccer are released and in use this year. If your school purchased either sport this year, you have access to the next gen application. Login to your cloud site, and click the badge in lower right corner. Contact us for assistance.
*Other sports are in testing and development. The beta schedule for these sports begins next month. We will post detail at http://support.statcrew.com

Features complete
*Import season and career XML from legacy software
*Reports for game, season, career and conference, except analysis stats (adjustments ongoing)
*Gamebook options
*HTML and PDF organizer/export
*Live HTML stats in the cloud for media use
*Game XML compatibility (web-hosts, scoreboard, gameviewers, upload to NCAA, etc)

Features outstanding
*Complete analysis stats
*Play-by-play in the next gen to packed file (BPK, SPK, etc)
*Auto-upload game XML to the NCAA post-game
*NEW!! Query builder tool, for quick access to searchable, sortable stats, on local app.

Legacy support and 64-bit Compatibility
*No end of support for legacy (DOS) software
*Legacy runs on 32-bit operating system Windows 7 or Windows 8
*Legacy will run on 64-bit OS with virtualization enabled. Contact us for information.
*End of Microsoft support for Windows XP occurs on April 8, 2014. This will not prevent XP from running, but no further security updates will be sent for XP after April 8. We recommend using either Win7 32-bit or Win8 32-bit, or virtualization on 64-bit OS.
*For the 2014-15 seasons, pricing and bundling of legacy with next gen will remain the same ($165/upgrade $400/new)

Questions and Contacts:

Software Support Team
Monica Pellman 513-771-4192 monica@statcrew.com
Kelby Siler 513-771-4195 Kelby@statcrew.com

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Look for more detail in the coming months, about software development and preparations for next year. Have a great spring season!