Fall 2012 Update--Stat Crew Software

News from Stat Crew Software Fall 2012

Please review the following list of updates and news about Stat Crew Next Generation software, legacy software, and live stats. The support site includes articles, questions and answers to common questions.

Cloud connector and live stats

If your school has purchased software from us this year, then your school has a cloud account with us. Included in this cloud account is the Legacy Cloud Connector tool. This tool is a replacement for TASFTP software. The Cloud Connector avoids issues with firewalls on local machines (common problem with TASFTP). It uses http protocol (port 80) so that as long as you can connect to the internet you can use cloud connector. It allows unlimited FTP destinations (TASFTP is limited to 2 destinations). With basketball coming up soon, you may want to consider this new tool if you will be sending to multiple destinations during basketball season.

For a quick tutorial on how to setup the cloud connector for live stats, including settings in the legacy DOS software and your school cloud account, please review the online demo at our support site:


For instructions on how to use legacy cloud connector when you are the away team, see this link:

Next Generation scoring software

We are answering many questions at the support site for next generation and legacy software.

This site includes release notes for the bugs recently fixed, and a couple of online demo’s for using the next generation software, and using legacy cloud connector for live stats.

Soccer and basketball scoring applications are released at this time. We continue to work on remaining sports. We also continue to work on additional features for the live HTML, career reports, various report options, and conference reports.

Moving files between Next Generation and Legacy

A common question is how to import past season and career data from legacy into the next gen program. We are taking a two-prong approach to this issue.

1. In the next generation software is a function for importing the individual game XML files from a season, in a bulk import function called “import season XML”—this function is located in the client, on the Game drop-down menu. To utilize this, you will need to first run the XML all games function in Legacy Game reports, using version x.14 from summer 2012 or higher. Also, prior to using the import season XML option, you will need to enter your roster into the cloud, for that season. Further detail is found on the support site.

2. There will be a career import tool that will take xml files from the existing legacy career stats (Career Reports | HTML | XML by players and XML by season—same for all sports).
Another question concerns importing a game file into the next generation software, where there are play errors in the game, often substitution errors. If you were not at the game, there is no reasonable way to correct the file. In this case, you can still import the file into next generation software. To do this, select Tools | Preferences and enable the option for "force import as manual boxscore". This will ignore the play errors when importing, and will import the boxscore stats, not the play-by-play for editing.

Another common question we have received concerns the lack of play-by play data in the packed file that comes from NG. This is a known issue, and we continue to monitor feedback on this. Keep in mind you can still unpack and import the game into legacy, and then edit stats through (M) Manual entry (Not in-game scoring). You can also still generate boxscore stats, season and career stats, etc.

Schedule for next few months

More information will be available about features planned for the scoring software, reports, etc. Please check the support site and facebook for more information.