End of XP Support from Microsoft

We are aware of the end of support timeline for the Windows XP operating system, effective April 8, 2014. Even though Windows XP will continue to start and run, users running XP will no longer receive software updates from Microsoft Windows Update, for important protection against viruses, spyware, etc. This end of support timeline also applies to the Virtual PC/ XP Mode solution on 64-bit machines.

To continue using legacy, please upgrade your XP operating system, if you have not already done so.

There are several options for upgrading the XP operating system. Microsoft supports Windows 7 and Windows 8 at this time, both available in 32-bit edition. If you choose a 32-bit edition of the operating system, you will be able to install and run our software. Many schools have site license that allows either installation. Check with your school IT support to see if they support 32-bit OS. Schools that can dedicate a computer to scoring software may consider 32-bit for that computer.

Another option for upgrading the XP OS is Windows 8, which allows virtualization (called hyper-v), so that, with this enabled, you can install a full version of Win7 32-bit on the virtual side, and then run the software.

In addition, there are other virtualization software packages, such as VirtualBox, DOSBox, VMWare, Windows Parallels, which install on 64-bit host operating systems, and allow 32-bit guest operating system to run, preferably Win7 32-bit on the virtual side.

In any case, we recommend consulting your campus IT support staff for recommendations on which options may be available to you. We have links to additional information from Microsoft at our FAQ's page.

And we are available anytime for questions or followup.