Live Stats Setup - Next Generation HTML


Live Stats in Stat Crew Next Generation includes Live HTML, similar to legacy.

Live HTML is available for any cloud scheduled game. The live.html activates and updates automatically when the game is started, (no "activate" button like legacy live HTML).

The link to each game is listed on the school cloud schedule. To locate the URL, select the game in the cloud schedule, then "Edit Game". Copy the Live HTML link if desired, to use in other publications or to make the link public or hosted within the school website.

The format for a game URL is:

http:// [school site name][sport]/season/[gameId]/live.html

For example, see this men's soccer game from 2014 season:

And women's basketball from 2013-14

Quick Setup Steps:

  1. Setup official Game Schedule in the cloud. (Schedule | New Game)
  2. Import your roster or key in your roster. . (Roster | Import Roster) Ask your opponents to do the same for their team rosters. Cloud will import a Stat Crew legacy-formatted roster.
  3. Open local scoring app, let the schedule load, select the game, and follow prompts to enter starting lineups. Once the game is started, the Live HTML will automatically update.

Contact for help accessing your cloud account or setting up Live HTML.