Cloud Status Update October 27, 2016

Ongoing Cloud Platform Testing
As part of the migration to the new StatCrew Sync platform, we are conducting tests of FTP functions from the Stat Crew Sync cloud for the next day or so. If you experience an issue with FTP connectivty with your live stats webhosts, please report this at the support site:
Or contact us directly in the office 513-771-4192
We will update this site when testing is complete.

Access Permission Issue for Software Updates We have received notifications of the recent software update failing on some Windows computers. This is related to admin permission access on individual computers. In an event you see an unsuccessful update message, you can download the latest software version via the links on the right panel of your cloud dashboard.

The issue with live stats FTP from the Stat Crew cloud has now been resolved. During recent deployment of new cloud features, we discovered an issue with root level access that was overlooked during the deployment, and caused ftp functions to fail. We regret this oversite. We understand the importance of live stats for our customers, and so as a result of this outage, we have now implemented some additional tools via Airbrake, to warn our IT team about potential outages, and help us identify and fix problems as soon as possible.

We will also be reviewing our notification system for contacting scoring crews, in the event anything like this happens in the future. In the meantime, if you have any questions about your cloud or client software, please contact us in the office. Thank you.

Stat Crew Sync V.1 release notes October 14, 2016

If you purchased the new or upgrade version of Stat Crew for Basketball July 2016 or later, then you now see a blue Sync install badge on your cloud dashboard.

Prior to installing please review the following notes carefully. The version 1.0 included in this release is a first run of the software. Not all items are in a final, complete stage:

Game Reports - known issues that will be fixed prior to the start of the season:

1. Currently not displaying women's team percentages by quarter (only by half)
2. Specialty stats in the box score are showing properly.
3. Box score and play-by-play formatting.

Season reports are still being finalized. For this reason, please do not download previous seasons from the cloud in order to run season reports. We will update this space as soon as this work is completed

SYNC software download and installation Instructions

Please download the version specific to your operating system (Windows/Mac) from the right panel and follow the steps listed below.
- Double click on the "StatCrewSync_Installer_WIN.jar" file to start installation.
- Once complete, you can run the application using the desktop shortcut or from the Start Menu programs.
- Double click on the "StatCrewSync_Installer_MAC.dmg".
- Drag the "" on to the applications shortcut next to it.
- Run the application from your Applications folder.

SYNC software basic setup instructions

*School Profile

Before continuing with the SYNC app, in your cloud site, click the School Profile tab in top right corner of Dashboard. Review and edit contents to make sure it is accurate. If you plan to use the option to auto-send final XML to the NCAA, make sure your NCAA code and NCAA password are entered correctly. If any questions with your NCAA code, contact us for assistance.


You may enter your schedule for 16-17 in either the cloud or client. Select men or women, select 16-17 season, and the click New Game. Follow prompts to enter data for the schedule. Whether using cloud or client, the data will be saved to the cloud, for your schedule and opponent’s schedule. If any official opponents are missing from the cloud list, let us know asap.


If your roster for 15-16 is already in the cloud, then you must use the cloud options to move players forward. From the cloud Dashboard, select the sport, select the Roster tab, select 15-16. Then select the players from last year to be added to the 16-17 roster. Click “Add players to next season”. Now change directories to 16-17, click Rosters, and continue with new players, editing for the season, etc. This routine for moving players important, for pulling player career stats together. Please let us know if any questions with this roster routine.
If your roster from previous seasons is not already in the cloud, then you have 3 options for entering the roster for 16-17

1. Manually key in the players, using either the cloud roster tab, or the SYNC app roster tab. In either case, select the season, select Roster tab, and select New Player. The roster will be saved to the cloud in either case.
2. In the cloud, import a BRO (Legacy basketball roster, binary format). Select Roster | Import Roster, and follow prompts to import a roster created in legacy.
3. In the SYNC app, import a roster XML. The Roster XML is created in Legacy Software. Select Season Reports, Select your team from the teams List, select Stats | Roster Report | XML. This will save the roster in XML format, and place it in the \reports subdirectory. Navigate to this directory when prompted to import the roster in SYNC.

*FTP Sites for live stats

You can setup FTP sites in either the cloud or SYNC client, for live stats distribution. As mentioned earlier, this function is incomplete. It is ok to go ahead with entering FTP site information, as provided by your webhost. If the information is already entered in the cloud, you should see it show in the SYNC app as well. Click the FTP tab from the SYNC app Dashboard to confirm your FTP sites.


To familiarize your staff with the new scoring app, we recommend setting up test games in the local SYNC app. (SYNC | Schedule | New Game). You will be prompted to select home and visitor, and at this point in the setup, you can select “Add New Team”. You can create two “fake” teams, so that you will not affect stats in the cloud with an official opponent.
Once the game is saved to your schedule, you will be able to select the game to start scoring. Import fake roster XML’s (for example, use the legacy \samples directory to create roster xml files, see instructions above under ROSTERS). Or you can manually add a fake roster. Once rosters are entered/imported, select starters, and then start the clock and input plays.
If you are familiar with next gen scoring, most keystrokes and function keys are the same. If you are familiar with legacy keystrokes, those input keys are also the same.

Legacy Cloud Connector now available

From your cloud web site, the link on the right will install the Legacy Cloud Connector. This product installs either on a scoring laptop, or mapped drive computer if you are using one to share XML stats. The Legacy Cloud Connector will copy your game XML to the cloud and enable FTP to multiple destinations, and also enables enhanced Live HTML. Instructions are here.